Email Account Issues

 Jul 17th

Hello clients,

We are working on the email servers right now so please expect some disruption for a few hours while we upgrade.

Thank you for your patience.

New Service Level Agreement

 Mar 10th

We have created a new sevice level agreement (SLA) to be held accountable for uptime of services and timely support. We have done this to show our willingness to be the best at what we do and as our continued responsibilities for the client grow, we realize the client needs to be offered protection against being overlooked or left behind. This SLA ... Read More »

Website & Client System Updated

 Mar 9th

Werner Host 2.0 is Live and Titan Strikes GoldYou may have noticed that the client-side website¬†has been overhauled. Many improvements have been made to the way things look but it is still the same client system you have grown acustomed to. The website has been upgraded to meet and exceed current technical standards and clients don't have to do ... Read More »

Emergency Patch

 Jan 6th

Dear Customers, Recently, industry-wide, hardware-based security vulnerabilities were disclosed. They affect systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and branch prediction. The vulnerabilities may allow for an unauthorized disclosure of information to an attacker with local user access via a side-channel analysis. More ... Read More »

Wernerhost Affiliate Program

 Feb 8th

The Wernerhost affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive a commission for helping us generate sales. We provide you with all the advertising tools such as banner ads, links and tracking codes for you to place on your sites.¬†When a visitor clicks on an ad or link on your site, the transaction is tracked for up to 90 days. If ... Read More »

Thank you for choosing Werner Host!

 Nov 30th

Welcome to Werner Host! You have made a great choice and we want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

If at any point you get stuck, our support team is available 24x7 to assist you.