New Hardware Incoming - Best Time To Build a PC

  • Monday, 18th September, 2023
  • 19:13pm

Recently, we have seen an AI and CPU war going on and are taking advantage on the price cuts on all forms of computer equipment. We will be increasing storage for you and making everything faster and safer. This will cost you nothing. This move keeps us all modern and on the cutting edge of tech.  

By the way, it is a great time to upgrade that graphics card or build your own PC. Need us to build you one? We have the best build a human can get for just under $1,000. AMD Ryzen 7 5800x, Nvidia RTX 3600, 1 TB NVME M2 SSD, 32 GB Ram. All in a pretty black case with a tempered glass see through side. Shipping is extra. If this interests you, we will build you one, but please don't go telling all your friends. Immediate family is fine (wife, kids, grandma).  

Have a great September,

Justin Werner

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