Werner Host 2.0 is Live and Titan Strikes Gold

You may have noticed that the client-side website has been overhauled. Many improvements have been made to the way things look but it is still the same client system you have grown acustomed to. The website has been upgraded to meet and exceed current technical standards and clients don't have to do anything different. 

We love security here at Werner Host and are very proud of our Titan AI security software that works while we (and you) sleep. So it brings us great joy and a little bit of sadness that our own AI found a way to breach into the password manager we deployed recently. This is great that Titan discovered a possible way to steal passwords, but its bittersweet because we spent many hours developing the password manager. What Titan found was a way to break into MOST ALL password managers accross the Internet, so if you are using one you should stop. 

We will be releasing our AI's findings to the public as soon as a few of the major password managers are notified and have time to issue a patch.

This means no more password manager and we all have to go back to writing down our passwords on pieces of paper.

At least we have a shiny new website to play with. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

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