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Project Description

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic







Nelscott Reef is about a half mile offshore from Canyon Park at a depth of about 18′ which causes the open ocean swells to jack up to 25 to 50′ and more on the face during optimum swell events.

Nelscott Reef was first explored by John Forse soon after recovering from a shark attack at Gleneden Beach in 1998.

We converted the old HTML site to the WordPress platform to give John Forse control. Total turnaround for this project was two days.

The newsletter system in place is just like the ones big companies like Coke, Pepsi, and IBM use to collect emails and send a professional looking email complete with links to manage your subscription and view the newsletter online. Its robust and will work with any type of server.

Security was paramount to John so we delivered our Titan AI solution that monitors live traffic on the site and prevents anyone tunneling to view the site. VPN’s are fine but the Tor network can’t view the site. This also allows us to collect IP and MAC addresses as evidence for an ongoing cyber investigation. Additional security measures deployed  include an advanced firewall, SSL certificate, Google Recaptcha on all forms, CloudFlare DDOS protection, and we personally hardened the server directories to prevent any code execution outside of normal operations.

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  • Conversion & Migration


Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic has been revamped and secured. They get thousands of hits every day. Resources have been increased and the site runs great.



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