When To Call A Plumber

HARRIS COUNTY PLUMBING   •   August 14, 2017

In the case of plumbing emergencies, calling in a professional plumber to fix your problem will be the best choice for you and your home. If your hot water heater isn’t working correctly, a professional plumber should be called in to look at the problem. He or she will have the proper training to correct your problem and tell you if there is more to it than meets the eye. If your toilet is overflowing excessive amounts of water, this is another problem that may be greater than the typical clog and will need to be evaluated by a professional. A plumber should also be called in if you’ve tried to DIY your plumbing issues and your efforts aren’t working. There could be a larger problem than what you are seeing.

Remodeling renovations

Your plumbing project may be a smaller part of a larger project, such as remodeling your kitchen or building a master bathroom addition. If your next plumbing project should happen to involve moving plumbing or expanding your plumbing, permits may be needed to do this. A professional plumber will be more familiar with the handling of permits and the building codes for your area. To ensure that your home is safe during any remodeling, hiring a plumbing contractor to examine your plumbing and take care of the installations or replacements will guarantee connections are done properly and correct.

Shutting off water flow

When a toilet is clogged or a tub drain is backed up, it may be necessary to cut the water flow to these particular areas. Many homeowners will have the tools or can rent the tools necessary to do this for simpler projects like shutting off the sink water supply to replace a faucet, but a professional plumber has more experience in the handling of large water connections. If you’re unsure which lines to turn off or how to accurately handle the plumbing pipes of your home, leave it to a professional so that a leak or burst isn’t the outcome.

Sprinkler system

To improve the overall health of your lawn, installing a sprinkler system will be key. This type of project will involve a professional landscaper to examine your property and gather any necessary permits, but when to call a plumber? The performance of your sprinklers impacts the care of your lawn, so it’s important that a professional checks that all water supplies reach each sprinkler correctly. This type of project can be easily achieved with the help of a plumber, and especially in the case of larger property you will want a professional to install your sprinkler system.

Sump pump repair

A sump pump is a pump usually found in the basement of your home. It removes the water from your home that has been drained into basins and further pumps the water to outside places like a storm drain. Just like any plumbing fixtures in your home, over time your sump pump will begin to wear down and may be in need of a replacement. Having a professional come in to clean, check or repair your sump pump will make sure that you’re getting the best work done. A plumber will have the proper equipment to fix your pump, along with the knowledge and experience to do so properly.

Internal plumbing repairs

Your plumbing fixtures, like your sink or shower, may not be functioning due to an internal plumbing issue. An expert will have a good sense of which walls to open up as well as how to find the problem in the first place. Be sure to clarify with your plumber how much of the wall will be impacted and if you need to hire a separate contractor to repair the walls (or flooring or ceiling).

External plumbing repairs

Sometimes the issue lies outside the home and in the ground. The pipes that connect to major city lines can become damaged over time. Sometimes the damage is from sudden shifts in the earth, like an earthquake, or it may be from tree roots. Finding out where the problem lies, and excavating land to see the problem, is a large job that should be only performed by a professional.

This has been When To Call A Plumber. Thanks for reading.