Little Whale Cove RedesignRevampRenewalRebirth

Little Whale Cove needs a new website design to make things easier for residents and the Board

Who owns the domain?

Putting LWC HOA in full control

Member experience – Portal where people want to go and is easy to use and update

Find the right plugin for your needs. What are they?

Forms – Conditional logic? Multiple = no problem

About WernerHost – Werners on Edgewater

What WernerHost offers: Security, Maintenance, Updates, live support via phone and face-to-face meetings. You will feel supported and happy.

Cutting out the middleman, saving money, being in control, instant support, being able to achieve whatever you need to have the best online presence.

Training – Will train representative (or class) how to add to new website


Justin Werner
Justin WernerWernerHost Owner
20 years of experience as a web host, designer, security consultant.