Lincoln City Youth League

Lincoln City Youth League

Lincoln City Youth League

Lincoln City Youth league needed a website where parents could sign up their kids to play baseball, softball and T-ball in Lincoln City, Oregon.

WernerHost hit it out of the park with a ultra-fast website that features Ecommerce and a custom conditional-logic sign up form. Local businesses can pay online with any major card to support the league and parents can pay registration fees online too.

The amount of money saved by doing everything inhouse is staggering when viewed on a long timeline. The money saved can go towards getting things the kids and league need.

This website has automated the sign up process for the coastal town’s youth league with a custom form designed just for them. Gone are the days of needing to get that piece of paper to the school by a certain date.

Project Tasks
  • WordPress

    Half of the Fortune 500 uses WordPress. So does the Lincoln City Youth League.

  • Wp Supercache

    The fastest way to speed up your website.

  • WooCommerce Ecommerce

    Ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Makes selling products a breeze.

  • Conditional Logic Forms

    Advanced forms that change based on user input. Super fancy and get delivered directly to an email.

Project Details

Welcome to T-ball, Baseball and Softball in Lincoln City, Oregon.

We love working on projects

We love working on projects

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